Scrolling through Instagram I came across a post about this house. I was mesmerized about it, the lack of coherence in between the style of the rooms, the design’s opulence and extravaganza, the colours, the lightning, the details… It was so threatening, so unpleasant to see, that it became beautiful and, obviously, I knew I had to talk about it.

I hope you enjoy this house as much as I did.

This incredible single family structure is located in 300 Noble Ave, Everman, Texas, EEUU. It was constructed in 1974, a period that questioned traditional authority, people sought a means of self-expression, so to me, it makes sense how this house was developed, it tried to reflect its owners personality, breaking the traditional rules of interior design. Or maybe, the person who designed it had no idea of doing so.

The house is currently on sale, for $229,000, a 39.23% less than the median listing price of $377,500 for the Far South Fort Worth area, this house could be yours. If you are not sure about buying it, you can still rent it for $1,249 a month.

So this would be what you can see from the outside, at first glance a very common north american house. The lodge has a huge ground floor, a garage, a garden at the front and another one at the back.

But do not get fooled by the normal appearence of the outside, the inside is a total chaos.

This is the main entrance, pretty coarse at first sight, but once you get used to the yellowish lighting that ambience the room, you can observe the details of it. If we had to choose an arquitectonic style it would be Rococo, but more of an oafish Rococo.

The orneted subframes, lamp, pillars and ceiling contrast with the white, dull walls. Besides, the curtins do not follow the chromatic range, because everything else is gold but they are kinda metallic, so it makes the outcome look even worse. If we look more in detail, we will see how the outlets are not at the same high, as one of them is above the skirting board, whereas the other is in the way. And we can’t forget about that weird placed marble shelving (I am not sure if that is a shelving, but is certaninly not a fireplace, which is what I thought at first glance).

Next we get to see is this very light baby blue kitchen. I am not sure if this kitchen follows the design of the 70’s or if it reminds me of the 70’s because those ovens seem from that decade. The fact that each of the apliances seem to be from very different decades gives the room its chaotic aura, besides that furniture. But I’ll let everything slide because of the window above the sink, I can wash the dishes while seeing the garden. Amazing.

The next room, which is sincerely my favourite one, is an uniform space, because I really do not know what type of activity you can develop in it:

Maybe it is de dinnig room, because the opening of the kitchen leads to this space. Imagine having lunch everyday in here, you would feel like a monarch of the 18th century while eating a sandwhich. Your guests will feel part of the most select aristocracy.

I’m mesmerized by absolutely every single detail of this place. I love the sky painted ceiling and the little angels you can find around the room. The colour of the walls and the shell shaped archs, I know that this is the type of house Poseidon would have. The candle chandelier lamp is fascinating, but I don’t think is the most comfortable type in the 21st Century (but neither is anything in this house). Lastly, those upside down lamps made only by colored light bulbs… I’ll let you make an opinion about them. I am sure a 75% of the budget was invested in this room, too much if you ask me.

The following room, even if it still being decorated, it does not follow the idea of the previous room, it has its own chromatic range and style. This place is, to me, very weird decorated, but compared to the ones we have already seen and the ones we have to see, it seems even normal. This could perfectly be a dance hall in some ancient castle.

Let’s now continue with the bathrooms, which are two and lack any type of coherence between them.

Would you like the excessive cupid’s bathroom…

The heart-shaped bathtub… I didn’t know that Agatha Ruiz de la Prada also designed bathrooms! I am sure they wanted to pursue a lovely impression but that bright red wallpaper looks like the inside of a human being, surely not something I would describe as appealing.

Or the ugly mediterranian one?

What to say about this bathroom? Hideous, I hate it. I do not know what styles they are mixing but they do not get along. I appreciate that it intended to have the same furniture style has the living room we commented before. It didn’t do it correctly, though.

This next space, which I believe is the laundry room because of the “pipe” that protrudes from the parament, proves that they invested all the budget in the dinning room. We can see they didn’t have money to cut the lower part of the curtains so it would fit. The yellowish lighting is not doing a favour to this atrocious room.

Uf! This short trip around the house was exausting, let’s go out to get some fresh air and digest all this information.

Well, this seems kinda nice, a sweet place to enjoy a book. The sculptures are also beautiful, I wonder what is the view if I sit in the stool under the dome…


Why are the fountains in a queueu? I mean, if you want to sell the house shouldn’t they, at least, be arranged? I don’t think dirt-filled pool makes a good impression either.

Anyway, I hope this amazing house finds an owner soon, I wouldn’t want to see it being demolish to built another traditional boring house. There is so much cultural value in here, the UNESCO should protect this house and consider it heritage.


300 Noble Ave, Everman, TX 76140 –®

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