Building skill is a youtube channel of two Thai men who build complex structures in the middle of the jungle with their own hands and few rudimentary tools.

In the following videos we will se the whole process of construction of a house. They first make the framework, which is made of cane and straw, and then, in the second video, they cover it with mud they found a few meters form the construction. They even make roof tiles! With the same mud and a mold made of cane, then they bury them and make a fire above it, so the heat make the tiles harden.

In this video we will see how they do a very flamboyant handrail with the shape of a dragon, they again make the frame work and cover it with mud. Once they have the structure made, they use red sand to cover it and add a little of colour.

They even make water slides!

I think this youtube channel is a great example of how we can do such complex structures with primitive tools and “weak” materials. Architecture and contruction is both high and low culture, architecture belongs to those who are willing to create, their upbringing does not mind.

This type of videos have gained a lot of fame in the recent years, what we would expect to go viral in relation with architecture would be maybe more “sophisticated” buildings, or the ones that show the opulence and money of its owner. But these videos are famous because of their simplicity, the humility of the creators and the way the videos are filming, like ASMR, people enjoy them.

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