The walled city of Kowloon existed 27 years ago in Hong Kong. This city had 120 times New York’s population density and no laws.


It was founded by the Song Dinasty (960-1297) as a little little fort to fight against pirates, who threatened the salt trade. It did not acquire the status of city until the 19th Century. The city only had 700 residents at the time.

The 2.6 hectare space was free of laws in the 19th Century, after Britain didn’t want to intervene in the city. During the Second World War, this place became somewhere for the immigrants and gangs to go. Drugs and prostitution became something very natural to see at the street.

It reached the 17.000 residents in 1950.

Kowloon continued increasing its population and in 1986 there were 50.000 people living there. It became the city with the highest density of population.

Because there were so many levels, the city was always in the dark. The light could not reach the interior of the houses.


After years and years of fights between the neighbours and the goverment, the city was finally demolished in 1991-1992. The goverment payed 384 million dolars in compensation to the loss of 900 businesses and 10.000 homes.

Nowadays, this space is being occupied by Kowloon Walled City Park, which has a traditional chinese style.


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