I thoroughly enjoyed the text, it made me realise I have a lot of common thoughts with Campo Baeza.  I agreed with very much every definition he gave for architect, but the one where he compares the profession to doctors, cookers and poets was very nice. Like the one where he compared us to God or our work to a dream.

It was interesting to see all the architect school in a list as I didn’t know how they were ranked, I am happy to know that my University is considered objectively good in forming architects. Baeza says the best University to study the degree is in Madrid, but I think this book was written in 2012 or so, maybe the ranking changed.

I am very thankful for all the advices he gives in the book, when I start the subject Projects I will know it needs lots of time  and I will be a little more prepared. Furthermore, the observations over the ende-of-degree project where quite helpful.

On the other side, I did not know an architect had to have so many skills, which makes me feel both scared and interested, because I do not know for sure if I can do those things, but surely I am willing to learn them. so from now on, I will try as much as I can to train my abilities and also to try to consume that part of culture he mentions, which I di not know it could be related to architecture.

Finally, it was reconforting to know that this degree has so many work exits, because right know it looks like the future won’t be extremely good for us, so having a little of hope is nice.

To conclude, this text taught me a lot and it was very helpful to model my idea of architecture.