Roll it is an experimental house designed by the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, students Christian Zwick y Konstantin Jerabek. This design has been made to study and understand how to maximize the usable space in a minimal place.

It is a cylinder-shaped home sectioned in three parts, depending on the purpose of each. It has an outer shell which comprises four supporting rings and a torsion inner shell membrane, the wooden slats are mounted to the external membrane, allowing the running surface to roll and stop.

The first section includes a bed and a table. The mattres of the bed is attached by a velcro, so it doesn´t fall when we are using the table, other complments like pillows or blankets can be stored in the space under it.

The second section is what connects the first and third section, what in a traditional house we would understant as the corridor.

Finally, the last section is the “wet zone”, where we find a functional kitchen and a toilet. This part of the house is not movable, and it’s a great thing, otherwise the toilet would overflow!

Even though the house looks quite nice and interesting, I don’t think is a confortable place to live. But this is just an experimental house and, in my opinion, is not that bad it just needs some readjustments. Seeing how cities are getting more and more crowded, we might live in one of this houses in the future.


‘Roll it’ turns compact housing on its head (

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