I could make the joke and leave the explanation like this, minimalistic, but I will make the effort to explain why I absolutely despise this architectural movement.

First of all we need a little bit of context:

Minimalism appeared in New York in the 60’s, but it has its actual origin in Europe, when the very famous architect, Mies Van Der Rohe, elaborated his ideas of the purity of forms.

Less is more.

mies van der rohe

During his whole career he fought to create a simple and universal architecture honest in the use of materials and structures, and with an impecable use of proportions.

Nowadays minimalism tries to fight against consumption, but not capitalism. But here comes my first problem with minimalism, if it is trying to reduse the consumption print, why don’t they buy second hand furniture? Most of them seem very trendy to me, no one has their grandma’s couch in their livingroom.

By the way, I can tell no one lives in these appartments, this type of low back couch is strongly used in minimalism and is VERY uncomfortable. If you actually live in here, like if you spend a valuable time in your living room, you will definitely change the couch.

Another problem is the colour. Although there are a lot of people that introduce colour to their home by using small decorations (not many because the decoration should be restricted to what is necessary), there is a group of people that seem to be obsessed with white, black or grey, nothing against but visually it seems dull.

Furthermore, my biggest problem with minimalism is the lack of personality. I understand that its purpose is to have the minimum to live and thus not contribute to that consumerist society, but if a house does not have paintings, photos, memories, decorative nonsense that show the tastes of its owner, it seems that nobody lives there. The house becomes a show flat. The search for absolute perfection, that everything is white and neat, means the disuse of that place.

Lastly, let’s look to some contradictions of the current idea of minimalism:

These pictures right here were taken in some students flats, they meet expectations to be considered minimalist: order and simple, just furniture for the bare necessities. Still, these rooms are considered bland, boring, poor but not minimalist. Why? Because they do not seem expensive, they do not follow a chromatic range.

On the other hand, we have Kim Kardashian’s home:

Therefore, minimalism is the concept of an arrogant and wealthy student flat.