The concept of architecture is quite extensive, therefore to me, is actually difficult to make a complete definition. But if I had to explain it to someone, I would say that architecture is the art and capacity to understand the needs of a society and reflect that knowledge into the improvement of our surroundings, not only making them more useful, but also more beautiful.

Architecture is not only building an structure, it goes further. It needs a background to start developing, such as the culture and the history of a place. We must know the soil, the landscape, where we are constructing, otherwise our foundations will fail. We need to understand structures, their composition, the technology to create them. We need to know the client, to know what they want, even if they do not know it for sure. There is a lot of background that is not seen behind every building.

From communist architecture, which is focused on utility, to architectural opulence, more focused on showing off; passing through sustainable arquitecture and traditional construction, which contaminates a lot; we realise there are a lot of ways of developing architecture and news ways of doing it appear everyday.

Now we will see some definitions of what architecture is by architects themselves.

Louis Kahn, an American architect, believes that architecture does not exist, but the work of architecture.

Mathias Goeritz, a Mexican sculptor, poet, art historian, architect and painter, said that architecture is a reflection of the spiritual state of the human being.

Paul Rudolph, an American architect, states that architecture is the art of the possible, not only a theoretical issue.

Adolf Loos, an Austrian architect and theorist, says that architecture has to please people, something that art doesn’t have to do.

To conclude, we get that architecture mixes the art and the technique, it’s used to create and built. It analyses human needs and interactions to improve our surroundings. It finds solutions in between the chaos.


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