Hi! Nice to meet you!

I am Natalia Martínez and I am currently studying 1st year of architecture in UPV.
The idea of studying architecture has been in my mind for a long time, but it wasn’t my first choice. If you had to ask to my seven-year-old self what she wanted to be, she would have said a vet, children always have stronger connections to animals than adults. But after my mother told me I had to put my hand up a cow’s ass if needed, I realised that I didn’t want to be a vet no more.
My first contact with this career was through the series “How I met your mother” when I was 13, even though I hated the main character, I fell in love with his job. Drawing houses from home? Sign me in. Then, I found out it was more than that, but it didn’t matter, I was eager to be an architect, to make people feel the same way as I felt when I entered the Royal Pavilion (Brighton, England) or literally any type of house as I get a little to exited to know how are the houses of the people surrounding me.
But certanly, the moment I realised I wanted to study this career was when I first went partying. As I live in a town, there is only one disco, and since I first visited I haven’t shut up about how bad the structural distribution is, my friends are tired of listening to me because I mention it everytime we go. I have to study architecture, at least to tear THAT building down and re-do it.
Maybe all of this was too much information, maybe you are like me and you enjoy knowing silly random things about people, who knows?


“The memory is like a bad friend, when you most need it, it fails you”

Withou a doubt, this would be a great sentence to define me as right now I don’t remeber any sentence I have ever been told. Or maybe I have never been told a quote that has marked me. Maybe I come back tomorrow and I know what to write.